NX FR5 Main Cooling Fan Assy



FC-051PK25T2E20H3XXCXXXSXXX 132F0008 Frequency Converter FC-051PK25T2E20H3XXCXXXSXXX VLT® Micro Drive FC-(051) 51 (PK25) 0.25 KW / 0.33 HP, (T) Three phase (2) 200 - 240 VAC, (E20) IP20 / Chassis (H3) RFI Class A1/B (C1) (X) No brake chopper (X)…

Vacon options






FC-301P3K0T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX 131B0981 Frequency converter FC-301P3K0T4E20H1XGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX (FC-) VLT® AutomationDrive FC-301 (P3K0) 3.0 KW / 4.0 HP, (T) Three phase (4) 380 - 480 VAC, (E20) IP20 / Chassis (H1) RFI Class A1/B…

VLT® FC101 – IP54


The IP 20, Type 1/IP 21 (with option) and IP 54 series is designed for easy accessibility and time-saving installation. Mechanical fastening points are easy to access from the front even with automatic tools. All terminals are sufficiently…

VLT® FC101 – IP20


The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is a competitive drive for simple applications – with basic needs. VLT® HVAC Basic Drive product range: 3 x 200 – 240 V................ 0.25 – 45 kW 3 x 380 – 480 V................ 0.37 – 90 kW 3 x 525 – 600…

Our Danfoss Variable Speed Drives serve a wide range of Industry Sectors

Digicon Solutions has extensive experience in providing Danfoss variable speed drives and HVAC drives for a variety of solutions and services, including Leisure, Hotels and Resorts, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Retail and Distribution, Lifts and Cranes, Industrial Processes, Automation, OEMs and Sub-Distribution.

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